U.S. Postal Service: Delivering Innovation


INDUSTRY: Government & Public Service

CAPABILITIES: Technology, Campaign, Digital Production, User Experience Design, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Innovation

Since 1775, the U.S. Postal Service?has been advancing the way it delivers mail and packages through technology. They adopted the earliest motor cars, invented ZIP codes and harnessed optical character recognition to read handwritten addresses. But perceptions remain that the USPS?is behind the times.?


MRM New York wanted to help. We were able to demonstrate USPS’s ongoing commitment to improving service through the lens of their latest innovations. We delivered a gallery of new advancements and technologies that are both in-market and still in the works. Inventions such as Informed Delivery?, which sends photos of mail before it even arrives; and Intelligent Addressing?, which lets people send physical mail to their social network using just a screen name instead of an address. Ultimately, complex innovations became easy to understand — and get excited about.

Shawn Kelly

VP, Creative Director

"The challenge was to create a website that was as innovative and exciting as the content it provided. Our team hit it out of the park."

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