“When I had mine, I did this.”? “When I had mine, I did that.”? “Oh no, I wouldn’t do that.”
“Try this, it worked for mine.”? Quite frankly, arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tommee Tippee’s new brand strategy is “Parent On.”? Basically, go with your gut instinct and we’ll be there to support you. Not lecture you. ?

We were asked to redesign the global website in line with that strategy. So we put ourselves in our new parents’ shoes. ?

The website is built completely around the audience. It’s 100% insight driven. We sacrificed the most important real estate on the site. Instead of selling product in the leader image, we rotated ambient films. The films changed according to the time and showed other parents doing what you were likely to be doing. So at 3 a.m., you’d see a mum feeding her baby in the stillness of the night. At 1 p.m., you’d see another mum tackling the fun of weaning.? ?

We also created Parent Diaries, featuring real stories from new parents, giving parents the reassurance that they aren’t going through this alone.

Overall, the careful choice of color and simple uncluttered design make the site super easy to navigate – even if you’re holding a baby in your arms. The site is designed to be navigated with one hand. Our UX designer even tied his arm behind his back to make sure navigation was as easy as possible.

We also addressed the insight that as a new parent, you can feel like you’re doing everything wrong. So we littered the site with supportive memes, such as “Parents aren’t geniuses. Babies don’t care.” “Humans survived 200,000 years before any baby books were ever published.” “Your parenting skills were born the day your baby was.” There are also some cool facts, like: Do babies see in color? Do they have kneecaps?

10% uplift of organic traffic in first 6 months
25,000 visits to the Parent Diaries pages
20% increase of content sharing
25% increase in dwell time

Nicky Bullard

Chairwoman & Chief Creative Officer

"This was a great example of UX, with the user quite literally at the heart of the experience."

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