Microsoft’s Smarter Way to Golf

CLIENT: Microsoft

INDUSTRY: Technology & Software

CAPABILITIES: Digital Production, Campaign, Business Intelligence, Innovation, User Experience Design, Performance & Analytics, Data Management, Development & Systems

In sports, the key to victory is knowing your opponent. And with the rise of advanced analytics, every player, every team, in every sport, now has detailed data-driven insights on their competitors. Except golf, where the opponent isn’t the other player. It’s the course.


We at MRM New York wanted to provide golfers, from the pros to the amateurs, with the most in-depth knowledge available to defeat whatever course they are on. So we created Microsoft Course IQ, an interactive tool that lets golfers dive deep into the data of over 13,000 public and private courses across the country.


SVP, Group Creative Director

"The opportunity started small, but we knew it could be bigger — so we worked closely with the client to test and learn, and turned Course IQ into a significant victory."

Working with legendary golf course designer Gil Hanse to help us determine which details were important, we used the Microsoft Cloud to aggregate thousands of data points about soil composition, grass quality, topography?– even scorecards and real-time weather. ?We integrated this information with drone footage to create highly detailed, intelligence-rich 3-D renderings.

Now golfers can make smarter decisions. Because knowledge of one’s adversary can make the difference between sinking a shot or coming up short.

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